BIOGASSYS Final conference: Biogas and blue growth innovation in Skåne 2015

The two LIFE-projects BUCEFALOS and BIOGASSYS have given us examples of how sea weed, which currently litters our beaches, can be converted into renewable biogas and replace fossil fuels in our cars.

We have also seen biogas fuelled tractors, lorries and heat pumps entering the market. This, combined with the establishment of Sweden’s largest biogas production facility and a large network, gives us the opportunity to showcase state of the art biogas applications at the final Conference.


Opening session


Mätta Ivarsson, Chairman of the Regional development Board, Region Skåne, inagurated the conference. The conference was moderated by Catarina Rolfsdotter-Jansson, journalist and Anders Mathiasson, CEO
Swedish Gas Association

BIOGASSYS: Demonstration of a sustainable biogas system
Per-Johan Wik, Biogas Syd

BUCEFALOS: Can aquatic biomass reduce marine eutrophication and give us clean energy?
Rasmus Fredriksson, City of Malmö

The current state of biogas in Sweden
Anders Mathiasson, CEO, Swedish Gas Association


BUCEFALOS presentations in Carolinahallen

The Baltic sea – a treasure soon lost (No PDF available)
Folke Rydén, World correspondent

Algae, mussels and reed -combating eutrophication
& producing renewable energy
Rasmus Fredriksson, City of Malmö

Waterframework directive – turning problems into opportunities
Irene Bohman, The South Baltic Water District Authority

Save the Baltic, start in your own back yard
Anders Alm, Ministry of the Environment and Energy

Blue growth – creating new scopes for sustainable businesses
Thomas Johansson, Swedish Agency

Panel Discussion – The way forward for a blue circular economy.
(No PDF available)


BIOGASSYS presentations in Musikhallen

Jordberga – Sweden’s largest biogas plant!
Torgil Johansson, SB3

Swedish biogas experiences on export to Poland
Mikael Backman, IIIEE, Lund University

Biogas research is leading us forward
Bo Mattiasson, Lund University

New applications are opening new possibilities for biogas
Staffan Johannesson, E.ON Gas

Biogas – the solution?
Charlotte Hauksson, Eeva-Liisa Nordström, Stefan Dahlgren, WSP

Communication is key – leading biogas development with communication
Anitha Ljung, City of Trelleborg, Daniel Skog, City of Malmö

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Photo: Sanna Dolck

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